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Why Buy From The Alcohol-Free Shop
We pride ourselves on our customer service and make your satisfaction our priority

Customers shop with us because we are reliable, experienced and discreet.

We have pioneered the sale of alcohol-free drinks in the UK for over ten years, becoming a trusted and reliable supplier to people from all walks of life. We've served everyone from rock stars, to 'residents of Number 10', actors and footballers, and we supply to top-rated tv shows and amazing films too. Oh and, most importantly of course, an almost countless number of people just like you and us!

Speak to real people!

We have our own staff - in the UK! Need to speak to us? Call freephone 0800 224 8024!

Free Returns

Worried you may not like zero-alcohol drinks? No problem - we offer free returns and refunds on unopened bottles!

Fast delivery

Choose from our delivery options including Free Super Saver UK Delivery for orders over £129

Over 10 years experience

We weren't born yesterday. And we're proud to say some of the customers from our first week still order from us!

Featured drinks

The world's first gluten-free alcohol-free beer now has a new taste we hope you'll love! If you're not gluten intolerant don't dismiss this beer. You'll be missing out on a treat! And with only 19 calories per 100ml, it's low-calorie too!

per case

Nogne - pronounced nognay - is from the Norwegian brewery from which this alcohol-free craft beer takes its name.

per case

A Catalonian 0.0% beer with a clear amber colour, golden rim and lightly foaming head.

per case

Veltins is a premium medium bodied lager with a slight bitterness.

per case

Infinite Session Indian Pale Ale is a true craft beer incorporating a variety of half a dozen grains resulting in a taste complexity and texture of regular beer but only a quarter of the calories.

per case

Brewed in Bavaria, Maisel's Weisse is a delicious cloudy wheat beer with only 20 calories per 100ml!

per case

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About The Alcohol-Free Shop
Pioneers of the alcohol-free lifestyle

Enjoy the very best alcohol-free, zero-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks delivered directly to your door!

The Alcohol-Free Shop was launched in 2006 after co-founder John Risby stopped drinking and realised there was a very limited choice of good, adult, alternatives to alcohol.

Our intention was to provide that choice by offering the very best in zero and non-alcoholic drinks. We pioneered the message that alcohol-free needn't be boring, helping thousands of customers have a choice in the process.

We're very proud of the role we play in enabling this choice in people's lives. Some choose to take breaks from alcohol, some give up entirely. For some people it's a question of religion or circumstance, for others it's a question of health.

We've extended our range year-on-year and now offer over 100 tasty, zero-alcohol drinks, including dry wines, craft beers and some incredible ready-to-serve cocktails - perfect all year round!

Not sure where to start? Why not try one of our mixed beer or mixed wine cases?

And if you need any help - before or after shopping - feel free to get in touch with us anytime by email or freephone.

Read more about The Alcohol-Free Shop.

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