The Sober movement has moved on.

Times change. People change. Choosing a non-alcoholic beer or a non-alcoholic wine is the ‘new normal’.

Go sober for a few nights a week, a few weeks at a time, or give up for good if that’s your goal.

A new generation of premium alcohol-free drinks for adults – delivered safely and quickly to your home.

Celebrating 15 Years

Non-alcoholic drinks
The best alcohol-free wines, beers and spirits

Non-alcoholic Beers & Ciders

From zero percent to 0.5%, our range includes lagers, wheats, stouts, pale ales, fruits, craft beers, gluten-free, vegan and more.

Alcohol-free Wines

De-alcoholised wines are fully fermented as normal, and only then is it carefully removed down to 0.5% alcohol-by-volume or less.

Non-alcoholic Spirits

Just the tonic you need! Try GINSIN 12 botanicals for a wonderful alternative to gin. Offers a lot for the low price of just £7.99 for a 70cl bottle!

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Spotlight on ...

A delicious alcohol-free sparkling wine made with Spanish grapes

Carl Jung Blanc de Blancs

Carl Jung Blanc de Blancs is a delicious medium-dry sparkling wine made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes.

It’s a great refresher with light fruit flavours, gently floral on the nose but with a crisp finish.

A fine celebration wine wine and excellent with salads, veal, poultry or fish.


About us

When John stopped drinking in 2004, it lead him on a quest to find drinks he could enjoy!

Two years later he returned and the shop was launched in 2006.  Nothing would be the same again!


A community

We care about more than just selling drinks. We build relationships with our customers. 

Our community is open to anyone interested in the benefits of cutting back or quitting.


Some of the lovely things customers have said about us

"I gave up for good in 2008 but I missed pairing good food with decent wine and the thrill of popping a celebratory cork on special occasions.With recommendations from The Alcohol-Free Shop, I restocked my wine rack with a range of AF wines that exceeded all expectations - they even helped me ship enough to Cyprus for my wedding on the beach".

Sarah Woods


They helped me go teetotal by providing a great range of grown up drinks which are far better alternatives than standard soft drinks. On top of that, their price and service is first class, these are people who really care about their customers.

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