When I gave up drinking in 2004 most of my family thought I was a drama queen with a particularly bad hangover.

When I opened The Alcohol-Free Shop in 2006, people called me a crank – but I was convinced others like me were fed up with lemonade, cola or a dusty can of Kaliber.

Now, so many choose non-alcoholic options, the commercial world is falling over itself to serve the new demand.

So instead of being the odd one out, I’m now part of a growing trend and, putting modesty aside for a minute, can rightly claim to have been a pioneer.

It was back in 2004 that my quest for a decent alternative to alcohol led me to a fantastic range of alcohol-free wines, beers and non-alcoholic cocktails across Europe. They soon graced the shelves of The Alcohol-Free Shop when it was born 14 years ago in 2006.

We started small, and cautiously but we grew so rapidly that co-founder Christine Humphreys soon gave up her career as a journalist and came on board full-time to cope with the demand.

It was clear we were fulfilling a need no-one else was but we were a decade ahead of our time.

Since then, more and more people have woken up to the reality of the health risks of alcohol and the joy of ‘taking a booze break’.

During the 14 years since we launched, we’ve developed our non-alcoholic drinks range, our knowledge, and our experience – and we can help you benefit from the astonishing range of alcohol-free drinks all from one great website.

Each day we welcome customers from all over the UK – and beyond – and we’re humbled that some of those who bought from us in our first week in 2006 are still regular customers.

Choosing alcohol-free shouldn’t mean sacrificing taste and we work hard to please you by offering a wide variety of quality non-alcoholic drinks at best-value prices and, above all, an unbeatable customer service.

Whether you are long-time sober, considering stopping drinking, or simply want a break from booze, we hope you’ll allow us to be part of your journey.

Let us lead the way – again!

John Risby

John Risby