Welcome to The Alcohol-Free Shop®

Pioneers of the alcohol-free lifestyle

When co-founder John Risby gave up drink in 2004 he quickly discovered that in the UK, going without alcohol meant either being treated like a child and drinking juice or suffering through tasteless drinks which had been gathering dust since the 1970s.

But then he was amazed to find a fantastic range of alcohol-free alternatives to wines, beers and cocktails in Europe and THE ALCOHOL-FREE SHOP was born.

The floodgates opened for what The Alcohol-Free Shop had to offer as more and more people woke up to the reality of health risks and the joy of 'taking a booze break'.

We grew so rapidly that that co-founder Christine Humphreys gave up her day job and came on board full time to cope with the demand.

From that day on The Alcohol-Free Shop has grown from a tiny 100 square foot self-storage unit to our current large warehouse, distribution centre and state-of-the-art shop where customers can try before they buy and experience the very best in high street service.

Each day we welcome people from all over the UK - and beyond - and we're humbled that some of the customers who shopped with us in our first week in 2006 are still regular customers now.

We believe the choice between alcohol and alcohol-free shouldn't include sacrificing taste and we work hard to please you through range, quality, price and knowledge - something our competitors cannot copy.

If you've ever tried to ask advice on alcohol-free drinks in a supermarket, you'll know how important that is.

We understand alcohol-free. We understand you.

John Risby

Co-founder John Risby