Tell us what we are doing wrong!

We always like to receive feedback from our customers and, on the whole, you’re not shy at giving it. Thankfully most of it is very good! Google Checkout customers are randomly contacted by Google after they make a purchase and asked to rate us. Our Google Checkout feedback is 4.9 out of 5 – which is about as good as it could be (They publish a small random sample of that feedback here by the way if you’d like to read the comments).

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Competition – Win a copy of Drinks Without Alcohol by Jane Brandt

Regular users of the site will know we often run competitions – in fact, we have one now for a case of Goose Island Root Beer. Due to a limitation on the software we use, we can only run one competition at a time and I want to give away some books, so I’ve decided to run this “blog competition”.

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A few cocktail recipes for the weekend

The Finest Call range of cocktail mixes are the highest quality, most bartender friendly mixes in the world, but they are also perfect for the enthusiastic home amateur too!

We’ve collected a few recipes together which make great use of the Finest Call drinks. Hope you enjoy!

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Trying to lose weight? Try alcohol-free!

Did you know alcohol-free wines and beers contain significantly fewer calories than their alcoholic counterparts? De-alcoholised wine can contain around 75% fewer calories, and beer around 50% fewer.

Why not try our Alcohol-Free Diet Calculator to get an idea of just how many calories you could save by switching to alcohol-free wine and beer!

What's in your wine?

Sometimes customers ask us about the ingredients in our wines, often because they have read the back-labels and wondered why there is a list of ingredients other than “Wine” – for instance ascorbic acid.

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A Question of Time

I caught up with this week’s Question Time tonight and Sir Liam Donaldson’s suggestion of a minimum price per unit was discussed.

The reaction from the politicians on the panel was, sadly, predictable. Both Tessa Jowell and Ken Clarke made disparaging remarks about the proposal – both with an eye on the next election. Jowell is desperate to stay in power and Clarke is desperate to regain it. Neither is prepared to risk upsetting the public with such a proposal, especially during a recession.

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Welcome to The Alcohol-Free Shop blog!

When we launched The Alcohol-Free Shop in 2006, we had planned to start a blog straight-away – somehow, we never quite got around to it. Not that we’ve been sitting on our hands during that time, but the blog just never seemed to go live. Anyway, three years late, but I’m glad to say we are finally here!

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