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When we have new customers in the shop, it’s common for them to ask which is the best wine or the best beer. This question can be hard to answer. The best I can do is tell them my favourites and explain why. Everyone’s taste varies.

I have a number of personal favourites but what I choose to drink depends on what mood I’m in and, over time, I might move from one to the other. I also go through phases of what type of drink I prefer. Currently I’m drinking mainly red wines. In the summer I may start drinking more whites and cider, and sometimes I’ll go through a beer phase. I’m sure many of you do the same.

My favourite red wines are currently Bonne Nouvelle Rouge and Romance en Rouge, both of which are dry, and Bonne Nouvelle Merlot which is nice and fruity.

Bonne Nouvelle Rouge
Bonne Nouvelle Rouge

Bonne Nouvelle Rouge is a really nice, solid, dry red wine. It’s very drinkable and a perfect bottle to compliment a meal – especially meat – or to drink with cheese.

Romance en Rouge is slightly acidic, which really suits my tastes, although Christine finds it too tart for her palate (her favourite red is Weinkonig Merlot by the way).

The Bonne Nouvelle Merlot is delicious but it’s a tad thin. If it had the consistency of the Bonne Nouvelle Rouge it would be near perfect. All wines benefit from a swirl in a large glass to release the flavours and aromas but probably none more so in our current range than this merlot. A good swirl really sets the flavours free. If I open a bottle, it’s guaranteed to be finished that evening.

We had a new batch of Sutter Fre Merlot in this week and it’s changed from the 2007 Merlot to the 2008 Merlot. I’ve never been a fan of the Sutter wines, I find them too sweet, but many of our customers love them.

We’ll be running down the 2007 stock shortly and from then on it will be the new 2008 wine being shipped. I tasted some before and, whilst it’s still too sweet for me, I prefer the new one to the 2007.

If you are a fan of the 2007 merlot I’d suggest you order quickly before stocks go. And when you next re-order for the 2008 Sutter (which I’m sure you’ll love), why not try a few other reds too? Don’t forget, you don’t have to buy all the same wine, you can buy any of our wines by the bottle so you could buy 10 Sutter and add a couple of others to try.

And if you order twelve bottles or more, you can benefit from our free delivery service.

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