2-4-6-8 Ain't never too late

Last week a customer ordered 6 bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling juice for use on Sunday at the final of their football season. Despite our best efforts, our couriers twice let us down and it looked like they weren’t going to get their juice in time. There was only one thing for it… a trip down the M6 on Sunday morning!
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118 118 have all the answers!

Cobra have been running a promotional campaign on their packs recently to promote the text118118.com service which lets you text questions and receive an answer back to your phone.

The promotional packs have a free code which you can text to their 118 118 number along with your question. We thought we’d give it a try…

We sent them the question “Where can I buy alcohol-free wine online?”

A few minutes later we got a reply… rather nervously we looked at my phone wondering if this blog entry would turn into an advert for another web site… the reply was “You may buy it at www.alcoholfree.co.uk. Visit the site for more information. Text us again. Thx!” – Brilliant!

An Independent view

We were quoted in an article in The Independent today in a feature on alcohol-free beers. The article was looking at the growth in alcohol-free beer which is claimed to be 10 per cent last year, and is forecast to grow by another 23 per cent by 2013. I’m happy to say our growth has been a lot higher than these quoted figures and is continuing to grow at a higher rate (details in the article).

You can read the article here.

Now you can call us for free!

Now you can call The Alcohol-Free Shop for free! Simply call us on 0800 224 8024 10am-6pm Monday to Saturday for friendly advice or to order on the ‘phone. If our line is busy it will divert to voicemail and we will call you back as soon as we can.