Back to normal

We’re happy to report all is back to normal with our online service and shop now. Thanks for your understanding during the bad weather last week and especially thanks to the many customers – both existing and new – who sent in their photos and emails for our How Deep Is Your Snow? promotion which really helped keep our spirits up and, from your kind emails, many of yours too!

Open again…

We re-opened for business yesterday (Thursday) and all pending orders have now been despatched. Apologies for having to shut on Tuesday and Wednesday but it was simply too dangerous for staff to get into work and the bad weather meant deliveries were unlikely to reach customers anyway, even if we had despatched them.

Understandably, couriers are still having problems delivering to lots of areas and we are still expecting delays in orders reaching customers but they are on their way. If you haven’t had your order by early next week, please do contact us.

Our Manchester shop will be closing early today though, at about 4pm, to allow staff to get home safely before it gets too dark. Thanks for your understanding.

How deep is your snow? Take a snap and claim a discount on your next order.

Our Manchester shop in the snow
Our Manchester shop in the snow

We’ve been snowed in since yesterday in Manchester where we’ve had at least 8″. We haven’t been able to ship online orders and we’ve had to shut our Manchester shop too.

Conditions have worsened overnight and the roads are treacherous.

There’s nothing worse for a shop than not being able to sell, so we thought we’d have a bit of fun and hopefully encourage you to do a bit of shopping.

We want you to get outside with a rule or tape measure and take a picture of yourself showing us just how deep your snow is. Then we’ll give you a discount on the cost of an order you place this week based on the depth of the snow in your area.

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