How deep is your snow? Take a snap and claim a discount on your next order.

Our Manchester shop in the snow
Our Manchester shop in the snow

We’ve been snowed in since yesterday in Manchester where we’ve had at least 8″. We haven’t been able to ship online orders and we’ve had to shut our Manchester shop too.

Conditions have worsened overnight and the roads are treacherous.

There’s nothing worse for a shop than not being able to sell, so we thought we’d have a bit of fun and hopefully encourage you to do a bit of shopping.

We want you to get outside with a rule or tape measure and take a picture of yourself showing us just how deep your snow is. Then we’ll give you a discount on the cost of an order you place this week based on the depth of the snow in your area.

We’ll give you the number of inches you can measure as a percentage of your order – up to a total of 10%!

For instance, send us a snap showing 3 inches of snow, and we’ll send you a voucher for 3% off your order, send us one of 8 inches, and we’ll send you a voucher worth 8% off! To keep it simple, there’s no minimum spend required. All we ask is you use the voucher this week.

We’ll put the photos up on our blog and our facebook page and we’ll throw in a few random prizes too for the most imaginative and fun photos!

Then we hope to have lots of orders to pack when the snow starts to clear and we can get back into the warehouse – hopefully tomorrow.

To get things going, here’s a photograph of me measuring the snow here in Manchester. It was 7 inches deep!

John measuring the snow in Manchester
John measuring the snow in Manchester

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hat and gloves on, get a rule or tape measure, and get snapping! Send your photos to with the subject line How Deep Is Your Snow.

If you haven’t got a digital camera, or don’t know how to email photos, don’t worry, you won’t be left out. Just send us an email telling us how we can improve The Alcohol-Free Shop and we’ll send you a voucher worth 5% off your next order placed this week.

Stay safe, keep warm and have fun!

16 thoughts to “How deep is your snow? Take a snap and claim a discount on your next order.”

  1. Lee Probert has received a 7% voucher code for this video of him measuring the snow in his garden when the snow fell in December – Thanks Lee!

  2. Peter and Glenda Moore have FIFTEEN inches of snow! So they receive a 10% discount voucher! Send us your “How Deep Is Your Snow” photos and get yourself a voucher!

    Peter Moore's 15 inches of snow!

  3. Tony Smith from the Wirral emailed to say “It’s too cold to go outside with a tape measure but attached are four photographs I took yesterday at the height of the snow shower/storm.”. Tony has received a 5% discount voucher for his email. Send us your photos and get yourself a discount voucher! Here is one of Tony’s photos…

    Tony Smith's Garden

  4. Peter Ford in Camberley, Surrey, has measured 23cm – so that’s 9 inches and a 9% voucher on its way to him by email! Thanks Peter! Why not send us your How Deep Is Your Snow photos and we’ll send you a voucher too!

    Peter Ford's 23cm

  5. Paul Child in Glossop has sent us this photo and says “Attached is a photo of 2 inches of a 12 inch ruler sticking out of the snow in my back garden. The garden looks nice but I’m struggling to keep the bird feeders topped up!” A 10% discount voucher is being sent by return! Thanks Paul!

    Dig out your camera, send us a snap and we’ll send you a voucher too!

    Paul Child's entry

  6. John in Bicester, North Oxon has 9″ of snow and a 9% off discount voucher on the way to him by email! Thanks John! Send us your photos and we’ll send you a voucher too!

    John in Bicester

  7. Ewen Baird in Headington, Oxford, sends us this photo and says “Using the Weinkonig (alkoholfrei of course) Merlot system, I reckon that is approximately 8 inches of snow…..” Thanks Ewen! Check your email, we’ll be sending you a voucher for 8% off!

    Ewen Baird's unqiue Merlot rule!

  8. Chris Shaw in the Lake District has sent this fantastic photo and promises another one later with a tape measure! Thanks Chris πŸ˜‰

    Chris Shaw's Snowman!

  9. Chris Shaw from the Lake District has sent us her photo showing 10″ of snow so we’ve sent her a voucher worth 10% off her next order! Send us your photos, and we’ll swap your inches for %!

    Chris Shaw's 10 inches of snow

  10. Judith Wood-Archer emails this picture and says “Here are our last two bottles of Erdinger keeping cool in our 8.5 inches of snow.” Thanks Judith! A 9% discount voucher has been emailed to you. Keep them coming!

    Judith Wood-Archer

  11. Andy Walker, Head of Corporate Affairs at Our Life sent a photo from midnight last night – “Nearly 7 inches John. From my front garden in Ramsbottom. Just went out there in the dark in my bed pants! Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!” That deserves extra points and gets him a 10% voucher!

    Andy's 7 inches

  12. Elaine Rafferty from Liverpool has sent her dog Cooper out to measure the snow but it looks like he’s forgotten to take the tape measure out with him – bad boy Cooper! But apparently the snow was up to his belly so it was about 6 inches deep – good boy Cooper! Elaine gets herself a 6% discount coupon and hopefully Cooper gets himself a treat and a rub down with a warm towel!

  13. David Hilton-Gee from Hampshire writes “Just under 11 inches – precise measurement depending on whether or not the top flake stood on end!”. He receives a discount voucher worth 10%! Why not send your photo to us at and we’ll post it here and on our Facebook page and send you a voucher by return!

    David Hilton-Gee

  14. Alister Shaw emails saying “What a great marketing pitch in the face of extreme business damaging weather conditions. I love what you’ve done. Hope you get a great response. Please see my photos attached from my back garden in Worksop Nottinghamshire. I didn’t have a ruler to hand but I expect you can measure the hight of your bottles of alcohol free beer from the multi-pack to work out what discount I’m due. Had wanted to build a snow sculpture of a bloke on the garden bench holding an alcohol-free beer but snow was too fluffy and wouldn’t stick together…maybe over the weekend as we have had more snow since these were taken!”

    We look forward to seeing that Alister! In the meantime, we’ll send you a 9% discount voucher (for that is the height of a bottle of beer!). Thanks for your photos!

    Alister Shaw

  15. Jennifer Rickard writes “We had an evening outside next to a real fire in the snow…the lanterns started out on top of the snow and slowly melted into it, it was a beautiful evening πŸ™‚ …All we needed was a nice bottle of alcohol-free merlot! Great website guys…I’ll be ordering soon Jenni”

    Thanks Jenni, we’ve sent you a 5% discount voucher for your email and fantastic photo! Hope you enjoy the wine!

    Jenni Rickard

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