Kicked out of better places…

On Tuesday we were in Marbella, showing my Mum and brother the sights.

It was a bit windy and my wife was cold so we popped into a shop to get a jumper or a jacket.

While she was looking at the clothes, my Mum was looking at some cheap trinkets on a revolving display.

One of the trinkets fell off and the shop keeper immediately ran over and said “you break it, you pay for it”.

It was 3€.

My Mum got her purse out but I went over and had a look at the display. It was terrible. As you rotated it, it stuck and wobbled.

The item fell off because of the bad display, not because of anything my Mum did.

I told the women her display was at fault, not my Mum, and we wouldn’t be paying for it.

She insisted we paid. I told her to call the police.

She said she would. I told her they would find us continuing our walk down the paseo.

She paused, considered her position and shouted at us to leave her store.

So we did, happily (well, my Mum was quite upset actually).

As we left she shouted “And never come back!”. Not much chance of that. Who’d want to go to a shop like that?

As you will have noticed – although she didn’t – not only did she lose out on the damaged trinket (although the wholesale cost was probably pennies, it really was cheap tat) but she also lost out on the sale of the jumper Chris was about to buy.

It isn’t always easy being a shopkeeper but sometimes we can make it easier on ourselves.