Alcohol-Free Week 2012

Today is the launch of Alcohol-Free Week 2012!

Alcohol-Free Week 2012 runs from 22 February to 28 February. During this week it is hoped people will be persuaded to abstain from alcohol for all or part of the week.

The aim is to make people more conscious of their drinking habits and help them see how big a role alcohol plays in their lives and how easy, or difficult, it is to do without.

A website has been set up at to help those taking up the Alcohol-Free Week challenge. The website offers tips on drinking wisely, suggestions on alternatives to drinking alcohol and a chance to win alcohol-free drinks every day during Alcohol-Free Week.

Alcohol-Free Week has been running since 2007. Each year businesses, local authorities, health trusts, health promotion agencies and educational institutions have held their own events to mark Alcohol-Free Week.

Organisations getting involved in Alcohol-Free Week include the health and social care service Turning Point ( which has a series of activities planned.

The Alcohol-Free Shop is proud to sponsor Alcohol-Free Week and we are providing the prizes for the competition.

Christine Risby from The Alcohol-Free Shop said: “We are encouraging people to give up alcohol for a weekend or the whole week. Health experts advise that we should have at least two alcohol-free days a week. We hope Alcohol-Free Week will inspire people to look honestly at the amount they drink and adopt a healthier lifestyle.”

Please view the Alcohol-Free Week web site for tips on abstaining for the week, information on alcohol, and how to win the great prizes on offer