Dragon Theo hands award to The Alcohol-Free Shop

Christine Risby from The Alcohol-Free Shop receiving our certificate from Theo Paphitis

I spent a lovely day yesterday with Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis.

We were among the winners of his SBS competition who were invited to a celebration at the Edgebaston Cricket Stadium in Birmingham.

Theo was very generous in sharing his business expertise and made everyone feel genuinely welcome and inspired. We were all presented with an official winners’ certificate.

I met some very enthusiastic business owners and entrepreneurs and shared our experiences. It was good fun.

Theo is well known for enjoying his tipple and told me he wasn’t planning to go tee total himself,  but he is very supportive of what we are doing.

Maybe we can persuade him to swap his favourite beer for an alcohol-free one at least some of the time!

Carl Jung back in stock

Our ever-popular Carl Jung wines including the great value Carl Jung Sparkling, Premium Red, Premium White and Merlot arrived from Germany yesterday after a short delay.

Apologies to those of you have been patiently waiting for this wine.

Bonne Nouvelle Blanc back soon – pre-order now for priority shipping

We’ve had a problem with our Bonne Nouvelle Blanc supplies after a load arrived last week with no labels and had to be sent back to France. Unfortunately it’s taken the producers longer than we would have hoped to transport the replacement batch across the continent.

We are expecting it back in stock late next week. Our suppliers have been very apologetic but this has been very frustrating for us and you our valued customers.

As a result, we’ve introduced a new pre-order system to enable customers to place their order on any out-of-stock product for priority shipping once the goods arrive in our depot.

We hope this will provide a convenient option for those waiting for a specific product.

Bernard and Clausthaler back in stock

Bernard is proving to be one of our most popular products. The only problem is this delicious dark beer has flown off the shelves almost as fast as we could get it through the warehouse doors!

Now, due to popular demand, we are having the brewers produce extra quantities specially for our customers which means we will have more stable stock levels and a longer shelf life. But don’t delay placing your order. If you want your Bernard at its freshest best, buy now!

View Bernard and Clausthaler beers.