An apology re EminaZero

We recently introduced a new range of wines to our shop called EminaZero.

We were very excited about EminaZero which we believed to be our first
zero calorie wine.

We were given documentation from the producers to support this claim.

We have been informed today by the producers that this claim was made by
them in error.

We are truly sorry that we have inadvertently given our customers
false information.

We base our reputation on the trust we have built up with our
customers for excellent products and excellent customer service over
the last seven years.

It is important that we stress there is nothing harmful about this
product. EminaZero is a good quality wine and it is, as with all our
wines, low calorie.

Our wines have around 20 calories per 100ml which is about a third of
the calories of similar alcoholic wines.

EminaZero contains between 1.5 and 6g of sugar per 100ml depending on
the grape varietal.

The producers are now preparing an analysis to provide the calorie
content which they do not currently have.

The producers of EminaZero make a number of different wines.

They say that the original recipe for EminaZero contained zero calories.

They have told us that they changed the recipe to improve the taste of
the wine and that the new recipe was no longer zero calories.

Unfortunately, the producers made an error in providing us with
product information for the original recipe.

We learnt this after we approached the producers for clarification on
the product ingredients.

We knew that a product with zero calories must contain a sugar
substitute and we asked the producers for confirmation of this and
information on what sugar substitute was being used.

It was at this point that the producers realised that they had made an error.

We immediately removed all reference to this wine being zero calories
on our website and in any promotional material we had issued.

We are sincerely sorry for this and will be contacting every customer
who has purchased EminaZero to discuss this.

We take our responsibilities to our customers very seriously.

We will offer a full refund to any customer who has bought EminaZero
and we will arrange to collect any unopened bottles which customers
wish to return.

Please pass this information to your friends.

John Risby

Managing Director