World's first gluten free 0.0% abv beer

Ambar Green 0.0% Gluten-Free
Ambar Green 0.0% Gluten-Free

We’ve often been asked for gluten-free alcohol-free beer and now we have found the answer to that call!

Ambar Green 0.0% is the world’s first gluten-free alcohol-free beer. But even if you’re not gluten intolerant – don’t dismiss this beer. You’ll be missing out on a treat! And with only 14 calories per 100ml, it’s very low-calorie too!

Ambar Green is brewed in Spain and is a refreshing beer with golden colour and a clean taste of bitter hops.

The beer is made from barley malt which has been treated to ensure a content of less than 6 ppm gluten. The process maintains the flavour and its very low gluten content makes it particularly suitable for coeliacs.

If you would like to replace a couple of bottles of your regular beer with Ambar Green to try it out, we’d be happy to oblige. Just add a request to the comments box on your order or phone us and ask.

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