Have you tried Whissin and Ginger?

Eva, our manager in Manchester, has discovered a new personal favourite – Rochester Ginger and Whissin. She’s enjoying snuggling up with her cat Dobby in front of her log fire and enjoying this great combination. She warms the ginger up in the microwave first, then adds a splash of Whissin. She highly recommends it! We can supply the Whissin and Rochester Ginger, but can’t yet supply log fires or cats!

Ariel on the way but delayed

Ariel wines are also currently largely out of stock but they are on the way from California. The shipment is on the London Express cargo ship. You can see the live tracking here. The ship is currently on it’s way to New York and then it will be setting off across the Atlantic to London. The ship is running late though so we won’t have it until towards the end of March unfortunately (once it lands in the UK it still has to clear customs and then get up to us in Manchester).

Bernard Free is back in stock too (and back to the original recipe!)

Bernard Free is now back in stock after a week out of stock. The brewers have also gone back to the original recipe as regular fans of this great beer didn’t like the change they made to the last batch.

You’ll find this batch is back to how you know and love it!

All Carl Jung wines are now back in stock!

Good news! At last – all Carl Jung wines are finally back in stock – Carl Jung Premium Red, Premium White, Merlot, Riesling, Rose, Trocken (dry), Sparkling White and Sparkling Peach.

Apologies again for the delay which was out of our hands and due to a change in production equipment and subsequent backlog at the Carl Jung winery.