Red carpet treatment for actor Baz

Baz (left) with his 'Oscar', alongside Roy, our Warehouse Manager
Baz (left) with his ‘Oscar’, alongside Roy, our Warehouse Manager

We rolled out the red carpet today to mark the stage debut of our very own theatre star Baz Connolly.

Baz had a taste of celebrity when he walked into work after spending the weekend in production of a gritty drama ‘Broken Youth’.

The red carped was laid out in our new shop and Baz, one of our packers and fork-lift drivers, was greeted by applauding colleagues who presented him with an ‘Oscar.’

‘Broken Youth’ is a theatre adaptation of a book by Karen Woods which premiered to a full house at the Lowry Theatre in Salford on Saturday.

Baz plays Tom, a “loveable smackhead”, who feeds his habit by stealing and selling his loot in pubs.

None of the cast who joined the Moston community arts project had any acting experience and first tread the boards when rehearsals began in October 2012.

Their hard work paid off when the Lowry was a sell out as is The Miner’s Club where the next performance will be staged.

The group hopes to take the play to the Royal Exchange in Manchester and has ambitions to play the West End.

There’s another chance to see Baz and Co perform at the Lowry Theatre in October 2013.

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