Drink to your heart's content during Alcohol-Free Week

Alcohol Free-Week 2015 starts today to encourage people to cut down on booze and still enjoy the benefits of wine and beer. 

Lots of people took part in Dry January campaigns this year. But if a 31-day thirst was a month too much to ask, why not try giving your liver a rest just for a week.

Alcohol-Free Week was launched by The Alcohol-Free shop in 2007 to encourage people to have at least two alcohol-free days a week.

Visit the Alcohol-Free Week web site for lots of information on alcohol, and a chance to win a case of non-alcoholic Bavaria Fruity Rose or Lemon Radler!

Alcohol-Free Week encourages drinkers to adopt healthy habits for life rather than a zero-tolerance approach.

Experts agree it takes just two or three alcohol-free days a week to prevent long-term health risks associated with alcohol.

Our wines have all the benefits of ordinary wine and alcohol-free beers have been shown to cut cholesterol and cancer risks.

So stock up on some great-tasting alternative today and raise a toast to good health!

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