It’s Alcohol-Free Week 2016!

Today we celebrate the beginning of our 10th annual Alcohol-Free Week which runs from 10 – 16 February.

We started Alcohol-Free Week in 2007 to encourage people to reduce their drinking and avoid alcohol at least two days a week.

Since then interest has grown every year and we’ve been pleased to see major charities follow our lead with Dry January initiatives in recent years.

Instead of a punishing 31-day thirst, Alcohol-Free Week aims to help people make healthier choices for life and still enjoy the benefits of wine and beer.

De-alcoholised wine has all the heart-health benefits or ordinary wine and alcohol-free beer has been found to significantly reduce cholesterol. They’re also up to 70% less fattening than alcoholic equivalents. 

We’ve stocked up on all your favourite wines and beers so you can drink to your hearts content.

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