Courier News

We changed our courier from APC to Parcelforce a few months ago after APC put their prices up to a totally unrealistic level. Their new price simply wasn’t sustainable. Parcelforce’s price is more realistic but it is fair to say we’ve had some teething problems with breakages.

Most customers haven’t been affected and generally the service is fine, but we are having more breakages than we had with APC and more than we’d like.

We want you to know we are acutely aware of this and working hard with Parcelforce to minimise breakages. In fact, we have another meeting with them about it today. Some glass will always break during deliveries but at the moment it’s too high – but it is reducing and we hope to get it sorted soon. 

Our commitment to a high level of service extends right from the moment you visit our site until you’ve enjoyed your drinks. It upsets us when you suffer breakages as we know the mess it can make and the inconvenience when something doesn’t arrive on time or in perfect condition.

And that’s not even touching on the fact couriers don’t insure glass so each breakage costs us money AND we have to pay to resend your items again… Trust us, we’re not happy either!

Please stick with us during this transition period and please feel free to give us your feedback on the couriers, good and bad (and from Parcelforce’s point of view, some feedback good may help them keep our contract!)

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