New Spanish ‘Win’ range

You’ve always loved our Spanish wines from the Eminasin and Eminazero range.


Eminasin wines have had a makeover and are now known as Win wines and the delicious Doce Meses is now called Win 12 Crianza.


Win wines are still made from the same superior grapes in 100% varietals of typically Spanish Tempranillo and Verdejo grapes.

These wines are produced by the same award-winning Materromera winery at Valbueno de Deuro in the Castile-Leon region.

The formulation has been altered giving a new balance of flavours that we hope you’ll love.

Eminazero wines that you know and love are still available in Verdejo, Tempranillo, Eminazero Pink and Eminazero Sparkling.

Eminazero wines are available for a limited period only before being replaced by a new range of Win 0 wines.

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