St Peter’s is going fast!

On Thursday we told you about St. Peter’s Without, a great new British alcohol-free ale brewed in Suffolk.

We’d had it in stock for a couple of weeks without fanfare, and our first batch sold quickly.

We only put it in our newsletter when we got our second ‘larger’ batch…

Boy did we misjudge that! You’ve bought every case already! 

But don’t worry – we’ve placed a new order and it’ll be back in stock any day.

Try a Great British Ale

Lovers of British beer will be delighted to find the new St Peter’s Without added to our range.

St Peter’s Without is a tasty alcohol-free ale brewed in Suffolk.

It’s a hearty amber beer with a firm texture that’s created just like an ordinary beer with water, malt, yeast and hops.

The carefully balanced ingredients maintain a robust body with no more than 0.05% ABV and 25% less calories than equivalent alcoholic beers.

Our first batch sold out fast and we’re expecting delivery to replenish our stocks today or tomorrow at the latest.