Are you feeling any better?

Drink yourself healthy

If you’ve been off the booze during Dry January you’ll have begun to reap the benefits.

Better hydration will be improving your skin, hair and nails. You’ll be sleeping better and you’ve probably shed a few pounds.

Don’t stop now!

It takes about six weeks for your liver to regenerate. Two more weeks and you could be feeling as good as new!

Some people feel so much better, they never look back.

If you do go back to the booze, it’s important to have at least two alcohol-free days a week.

Choose our great wines, beers and cocktails – and live life to the full.

Gluten-free Ambar back soon

The ever-popular 0.0% gluten-free Ambar beer is due in this week.

It sells quickly so we’ve put it on pre-order to give you the chance to be among the first in the queue.

Order now and you’ll have your order shipped as soon as Ambar arrives in our warehouse.


Portuguese beers on route

Your favourite Portuguese beers are due to arrive soon in the UK.

Production issues have resulted in limited availability in recent weeks.

We’ve now put Sagres on pre-order so you can secure your share of this delicious brew before it’s all gone.


Big demand for Weinkoenig

Demand for the delicious Weinkoenig wines has once again outstripped supply.

These wines are now on order and we know the producers will be quick off the mark to replenish our stocks.

We’ve put these best-sellers on pre-order so you can place your order today – so don’t delay!


Thanks for your feedback

Thanks for the fabulous response to our customer survey!
Your feedback is a great help and we’ll be applying some of your ideas and suggestions to improve our service.

A couple of people made comments that required a reply but because it was anonymous we have no way to contact you! If you would like a reply, please do email us at

Your comments are always welcome and if there’s anything you want to more of, or less of, we’ll do our best to please.


Order online now!

To order online, visit our web site at – don’t forget, you can choose Free Super Saver Delivery if you spend over £129!

Or visit our Manchester store – open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm, and Saturday 10am to 4pm.

New Spanish Sparkling wine

The new Win Sparkling 0.5% wine is the latest addition to the Spanish range of Win wines that’s proving a big hit.

We’ve just has a delivery from the Matarromera winery in Spain so we’re now fully stocked.

The Win tempranillo, Win 12 crianza and white Win verdejo are being snapped up by customers who’ve pre ordered having already tried these great new wine.

We’ve now added the Win sparkling 0.5% ABV that we’re sure you’re going to love.

Order from your mobile

We’re about to launch our mobile-phone version of The Alcohol-Free Shop.

Those of you who want to continue to place your orders on your laptop/ipad or computer will still be able to do so.

The new, customised, no-fuss mobile system will allow you to order your drinks from more conveniently from your phone while you’re on the move.

The new service will be coming soon.

Cocktails a go-go!

The popular martini-style Palermo Blanco and Palermo Rouge and our creamy Blancart Anis for lovers of Pernot are always in demand during the festive season.

Fresh stock of these three drinks, plus the sweet and sour Venezzio bitters – loved by those who like Campari – are due to arrive from France today and can be pre-ordered to secure your share.

All your best-loved Spanish cocktails arrived yesterday along with the exotic Cloudem party drinks to add glitz to any occasion.

Don’t forget the fantastic Shatler’s ready-to-serve cocktails that include only the finest ingredients to create a flavour sensation worthy of the finest mixologist. Shake the can, pour over crushed ice and serve in seconds!


Offer a warm welcome with Alpine gluwein

Your favourite Carl Jung wines are due back in stock any moment along with a delicious new gluwein.

Carl Jung Mulled Wine is a spiced with cloves and cinnamon and traditionally served warm during the winter months. It’s ideal for guests at outdoor events or as a welcome drink after coming in from the cold.

Last chance to buy EminaZero 0.0% wines

You’ll be delighted to know that the EminaZero 0.0% wines you’ve been waiting for are now back in stock.

We have the luscious EminaZero Pink and the zesty EminaZero Sparkling available along with the EminaZero Verdejo.

But this is your last chance to purchase these wines!

EminaZero 0.0% wines are being discontinued. We know. We’ve told the producers we think they’re making a mistake.

EminaZero wines are the only de-alcoholised wines that we have that are 0.0% ABV and are Halal certified.

When it’s gone, it’s gone.

St Peter’s is going fast!

On Thursday we told you about St. Peter’s Without, a great new British alcohol-free ale brewed in Suffolk.

We’d had it in stock for a couple of weeks without fanfare, and our first batch sold quickly.

We only put it in our newsletter when we got our second ‘larger’ batch…

Boy did we misjudge that! You’ve bought every case already! 

But don’t worry – we’ve placed a new order and it’ll be back in stock any day.

Try a Great British Ale

Lovers of British beer will be delighted to find the new St Peter’s Without added to our range.

St Peter’s Without is a tasty alcohol-free ale brewed in Suffolk.

It’s a hearty amber beer with a firm texture that’s created just like an ordinary beer with water, malt, yeast and hops.

The carefully balanced ingredients maintain a robust body with no more than 0.05% ABV and 25% less calories than equivalent alcoholic beers.

Our first batch sold out fast and we’re expecting delivery to replenish our stocks today or tomorrow at the latest.

Celebrate OctSober

The booze free Octsober fest begins on Friday.

Drinkers are being encouraged to take a break from beer, wine and spirits and raise funds for the Macmillan cancer care charity through the ‘Go sober for October’ campaign.

But there’s no need to give up a refreshing beer, a relaxing wine or a tasty cocktail.

Switching to alcohol-free alternatives helps reduce the risk of cancer, benefits the heart, and can lower harmful cholesterol.

New Spanish ‘Win’ range

You’ve always loved our Spanish wines from the Eminasin and Eminazero range.


Eminasin wines have had a makeover and are now known as Win wines and the delicious Doce Meses is now called Win 12 Crianza.


Win wines are still made from the same superior grapes in 100% varietals of typically Spanish Tempranillo and Verdejo grapes.

These wines are produced by the same award-winning Materromera winery at Valbueno de Deuro in the Castile-Leon region.

The formulation has been altered giving a new balance of flavours that we hope you’ll love.

Eminazero wines that you know and love are still available in Verdejo, Tempranillo, Eminazero Pink and Eminazero Sparkling.

Eminazero wines are available for a limited period only before being replaced by a new range of Win 0 wines.