Alcohol-Free Week 2011

Today is the start of Alcohol-Free Week 2011.

Please visit the web site at where you will find a wealth of information on alcohol, including tips on things to do during Alcohol-Free Week instead of drinking!

You’ll also be able to take part in the Alcohol-Free Week competition – 7 days, 7 prizes!

And, of course, if you want to stock up on a range of delicious drinks to help you during the week, please view our range of alcohol-free, de-alcoholised and non-alcoholic drinks at !

How deep is your snow? Take a snap and claim a discount on your next order.

Our Manchester shop in the snow
Our Manchester shop in the snow

We’ve been snowed in since yesterday in Manchester where we’ve had at least 8″. We haven’t been able to ship online orders and we’ve had to shut our Manchester shop too.

Conditions have worsened overnight and the roads are treacherous.

There’s nothing worse for a shop than not being able to sell, so we thought we’d have a bit of fun and hopefully encourage you to do a bit of shopping.

We want you to get outside with a rule or tape measure and take a picture of yourself showing us just how deep your snow is. Then we’ll give you a discount on the cost of an order you place this week based on the depth of the snow in your area.

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Drinks Without Alcohol Winners…

Congratulations to the winners of our Drinks Without Alcohol competition — a copy of the book will be in the post to:

  • Emma Cella, Eaton Bray
  • Andrew Dommett, Tividale
  • Bella Smyth, Swindon
  • Natalie Henderson, Gravesend
  • Margaret Farmer, Warrington

More blog competitions soon but for now why not enter our competition to win a case of Goose Island Root Beer?

Competition – Win a copy of Drinks Without Alcohol by Jane Brandt

Regular users of the site will know we often run competitions – in fact, we have one now for a case of Goose Island Root Beer. Due to a limitation on the software we use, we can only run one competition at a time and I want to give away some books, so I’ve decided to run this “blog competition”.

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