Mail on Sunday gives us thumbs up

We were delighted to be featured in the Mail on Sunday magazine in an article on the health benefits of alcohol-free wine.

They asked us to provide samples so they could test what was available beyond the supermarket shelves.

None of those who reviewed our wines were ‘experts’ but, just like you, they know what they like.

They gave favourable accounts of the wines they enjoyed. So we had lots of new customers and our staff are working at full festive pace.

This has meant some of our most popular wines have temporarily gone out of stock.

We anticipated this, and have replacement stock on the road as we write so you can be sure of receiving your favourite drinks for Christmas.

Some wines and beers are available on pre-order.

There’s still plenty of time for Christmas deliveries but get your order in – while staff last

ps. we’re also due to be reviewed by wine writer Olly Smith in this week’s Mail on Sunday and we expect an even bigger surge in demand – order now to get ahead in the queue!

How to advertise alcohol-free beer

Let’s play a game. Pretend you’re making an advert for alcohol-free beer.

You’ll need to pick someone to star in it.

You’ll want someone successful, obviously.

Someone likeable, naturally.

Someone with an unblemished public record, surely?

In short, you’d want a fine upstanding, successful, famous and likeable star.

Someone like… Mickey Rourke?

No, we didn’t think of him either – but thankfully, Bavaria did.

And Bavaria really do deserve credit here for having the balls to run with an advert many wouldn’t entertain. I’d love to have heard the ad agency pitch. They also deserve credit for convincing Bavaria to go with it.

It’s a surprisingly good advert, for a surprisingly good beer.

Be warned, it does contain some strong language.

An Independent view

We were quoted in an article in The Independent today in a feature on alcohol-free beers. The article was looking at the growth in alcohol-free beer which is claimed to be 10 per cent last year, and is forecast to grow by another 23 per cent by 2013. I’m happy to say our growth has been a lot higher than these quoted figures and is continuing to grow at a higher rate (details in the article).

You can read the article here.