Does alcohol-free taste as good?

Does alcohol-free taste as good? Chris Humphreys

Alcohol free wines and beers have been on the market for decades. The quality and taste of those products, as well as the choice, has vastly improved as producers strive to match higher expectations among wine and beer drinkers.

Just as the quality of alcoholic wines and beers has improved over recent decades, so has the quality of alcohol-free drinks. A more discerning palate has led to a wider range of wines and beers being developed for all occasions.

We have carefully selected our wines and beers to offer choice, variety and, above all, taste. We have familiar brands that are synonymous with the 'alcohol-free' tag but much improved over decades.

There are also many more welcome additions to the alcohol-free shelf with lots of pleasant surprises. These include alcohol-free versions of popular top-brand wines and beers that are as crisp, as smooth, as refreshing, and just as sophisticated, as their full-alcohol counterparts.