As demand for organic produce has increased in recent years it may be a surprise to learn that organic alcohol-free wines have been around for years. The best-selling Romance wines in Blanc, Rouge and Rosé are among our own favourites and the popular Pearl sparkling wines are perfect for celebrations.

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About Alcohol-free Organic Wine

A general trend towards more natural produce has resulted in the growth of a fantastic selection of alcohol-free organic wines.

Our organic wines include red, white, rosé and sparkling alcohol-free options.

Carl Jung wines always offer excellent value and the Carl Jung Organic Chardonnay and Carl Jung Organic Sparkling White Wine are no exception.

The Weinkoenig Organic Cabernet Sauvignon offers much to discover with its savoury herbiness and peppery properties and there are rich flavours of sour blackberry that set it apart from other de-alcoholised wines.

It’s would suit a mature palate that appreciates a wine with character as an accompaniment to rich meat dishes.