Discover some fabulous red wines from a range of producers. Try our long-standing favourite Romance en Rouge and the savoury Weinkoenig Cabernet Sauvignon. Win 12 crianza from the Matarromera winery in Valbuena de Duero is a 12-month-aged Tempranillo that's always in high demand. Lovers of dry red wines delight in Weinkoenig Merlot while those who prefer a fruity wine might go for the young Win Tempranillo. All wines are de-alcoholised and contain up to 0.5% alcohol-by-volume (normally around 0.2%).

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About Alcohol-free Red Wine

Alcohol-free red wines pose more of a challenge to produce due to the more complex flavours and aromas and richer mouthfeel often found in higher ABV wines.

The most notable characteristic of red wines is the flavour of blackberries and blackcurrant fruit. This can sometimes lead to complaints that alcohol-free red wine tastes like Ribena. It doesn’t.

The removal of alcohol – which is the predominant flavour of regular wine – allows these red-fruit flavours to abound but you’ll still find those satisfyingly bitter tannins, aromas of chocolate or leather or earthy oakiness.

Some of our most popular red wines include the Romance en Rouge which has strong tannins that you can feel drying the tongue. It has black pepper and tart hedgerow berry flavour and an aroma of autumn fruits and tobacco . 

One of our best selling red wines is the Weinkoenig Merlot – a dry red wine with classic Merlot flavours of dark forest fruits and ripe plumb. It’s produced from Spanish Merlot and maintains a good body and rich bouquet that’s a satisfying booze-free alternative.

There’s also the Win 12 Crianza from the Spanish Win winery. It’s an oak aged Tempranillo with the hallmark Tempranillo fruitiness of a raspberry and black cherry palate. The oak ageing brings coffee, liquorice, leather and wood flavours.

Other popular varietals include the Carl Jung Shiraz and Alcohol-Free Cabernet Sauvignon .