Rosè wines have never been more in vogue. Rosè can range from lip-smacking dry to decadently sweet and pair well with a wide range of foods or provide that refreshing balance between a heavy red and light white. You'll find the organic Romance en Rosé a crisp choice while the Carl Jung Selection Rosé is at the sweet side. All wines are de-alcoholised to less than 0.5% alcohol-by-volume (normally around 0.2%)

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Weinkoenig Rosé

750ml bottle / De-alcoholised (<0.5% ABV)

£7.99£94.49 A full flavoured, medium-dry alcohol-free rose produced from a blend of Spanish grapes.It bursts with tastes and aromas of fruits such as cranberry and raspberry with hints of rosemary from Carignan, Syrah and Mourvedre varietals that give...

Carl Jung Rosé

750ml bottle / De-alcoholised (<0.5% ABV)

£6.99£81.99 A full-flavoured medium-sweet de-alcoholised rose wine with a good nose and a medium finish.This rich rose abounds with generous aromas and flavours of strawberry and raspberry and an unexpected, subtle hint of Palma violets.Enjoy this...

Carl Jung Sparkling Rosé

750ml bottle / De-alcoholised (<0.5% ABV)

£7.99£94.49 This is a cheerful and refreshing alcohol-free pink fizz that’s full of fruity flavours and a lovely rosy aroma.It’s medium-dry with a light citrus finish and is perfect for relaxing on summer afternoons or celebrating a special...

Weinkoenig Pearl Rosé

750ml bottle / De-alcoholised (<0.5% ABV)

£10.99£129.49 Pearl Rose is a top-quality dry rose that’s a best seller and has received rave reviews in the press.It’s a great-tasting French alcohol-free organic sparkling rosé from Bordeaux. This dry rose blend is made up of 40% Sauvignon blanc and...

Weinkoenig Romance en Rosé

750ml bottle / De-alcoholised (<0.5% ABV)

£9.99£117.99 This is a clean-tasting, dry organic de-alcoholised rosé wine from the Bordeaux region.It has a soft, pale pink hue and is crisp, light and refreshing with the faintest hint of strawberry and watermelon.Enjoy this with fish, grilled...

About Alcohol-free Rosé Wine

Rosé wines have been making a big comeback in recent years and this is very much the case with alcohol-free rosé wines.

While rosé wines are generally on the sweeter side, our rosé wines offer dry and medium-dry alcohol-free options.

If you like your rosé on the dry side,  the Romance en Rosé is a crisp dry and clean-tasting rosé from the Bordeaux region with subtle notes of strawberry and water melon.

The Weinkoenig Rosé is exactly what most rosé lovers want and expect. It’s medium dry and bursting with fruit flavours with a hint of rosemary and a deep rose colour from the blend of Carignan, Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes.

Carl Jung Rosé abounds with generous aromas and flavours of strawberry and raspberry and a subtle hint of Palma violets. Who could resist this!