There's no event that won't feel more lavish with a bottle of bubbly and we have a collection that will make any celebration sparkle. Carl Jung Sparkling is perfect for toasting, organic Pearl Blanc is a refreshingly dry to enjoy with fresh seasonal fish dishes while Pearl Rosé is a deliciously satisfying sparkling to enjoy anytime. All wines are de-alcoholised to less than 0.5% alcohol-by-volume (normally around 0.2%)

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About Alcohol-free Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines fare well from the de-alcoholisation process which is why there are so many choices of Alcohol-Free Sparkling wines available.

A clear favourite is the sparkling Pearl Rosé which is in the style of pink champagne and has a sophisticated dryness that makes it perfect for special occasions. It’s had rave reviews in the press and is always on the most wanted list.

It’s a blend of 40% Sauvignon blanc and Sémillon as well as 10% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Bordeaux region that won’t disappoint.

A terrific addition to our shelves has been the Carl Jung Blanc de Blancs which is a delicious medium-dry alcohol-free sparkling wine made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes.

A Blanc de Blancs – originating in France – is considered a superior sparkling wine which is unique in using the single Chardonnay varietal, unlike most bubbly champagne which is made from a blend of different grape types.

The Carl Jung Blanc de Blancs uses the pure Chardonnay grape grown in the cooler climate of high altitude vineyards of central Spain where the grape thrives on cold winters and mild summers.

These ideal conditions result in a refreshing alcohol-free wine with typical Chardonnay buttery flavours and light fruit, that’s gently floral on the nose with aromas of citrus, pear and green apple with a crisp finish

For something more in the style of an alcohol-free Prosecco there’s the delightful Win Sparkling made from Verdejo grapes with fine bubbles. This is one of the Win range of alcohol-free vegan wines.