Look no further for the finest in dry white wines than organic Romance en Blanc - a best seller and a personal favourite - Weinkoenig Riesling and Carl Jung Troken. For something softer on the palate try Weinkoenig Weissgold or Carl Jung Selection Weiss. Those who like a fruitier wine will enjoy Win Verdejo or Carl Jung Riesling. All de-alcoholised to less than 0.5% alcohol-by -volume (normally around 0.2%)

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About Alcohol-free White Wine

It’s a little easier to maintain the original qualities of a white wine during de-alcoholisation. Flavour and aroma are often lighter in white wines as is the texture and these are more easily retained in de-alcoholised wine.

Alcohol-Free white wines were among the first to be made commercially available in the UK around the 1970s with just one or possibly two options available. These tended to be on the sweet side and with a slight effervescence. The quality of these early examples in the UK did little to encourage drinkers to make the switch.

Now there are many alternatives to choose from including single varietals as well as complex blends of complementing grape varieties to stimulate the taste buds.

Non-alcoholic wine has a reputation for always being sweet and that’s a common complaint particularly about supermarket wines. Just as you’ll find with alcoholic wine, that’s not the case with all non-alcoholic wines.

Our wines include the Carl Jung White Cuvee Dry Trocken and Weinkoenig Sanus which are bone dry and – with no more than 0.5g of sugar per 100ml – are recommended as suitable for diabetics but are loved by many who enjoy a bone-dry white.

The single varietal Weinkoenig Riesling is a beautifully crisp, dry Riesling with refreshing green apple and lime aromas and flavours of cool green grapes, citrus and white berries with a zesty citrus background.

One of our best selling white wines is the Romance en Blanc which is an alcohol-free French wine made from a blend of organic Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes. This wine has a wonderful citrus background and is similar in taste to a Pino Grigio. It is a worthy alcohol-free alternative.

If you do prefer a sweeter white then there’s the moorish Win Verdejo. This Spanish wine has aromas of green apple, and herbal tones inherent to Verdejo white grapes such as aniseed and fennel and grapefruit.