Fruit beers are finding a niche in the alcohol-free offer. Not long ago it was just the odd radler or a rare cherry that found a place in the listing but there's now much more on offer as demand grows. We're hoping you'll love the tang of grapefruit in the new Clausthaler, the promising elderberry and raspberry from St Peter's and the fresh vandeStreek Fruit Machine.

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Clausthaler Grapefruit

330ml bottle / Alcohol-Free (<0.5% ABV)

£8.09£29.99 Clausthaler, the pioneer of non-alcoholic malt beverages, brings another exciting innovation to the non-alcoholic category. A 50/50 blend of Clausthaler Original and Grapefruit drink, it's the ultimate refreshment for any occasion.

Clausthaler Lemon

330ml bottle / Alcohol-Free (<0.5% ABV)

£7.29£27.99 With Clausthaler Lemon, the pioneer of non-alcoholic beer puts forward a sunny mix of 40% Clausthaler Classic and 60% lemonade. This tasty shandy is bottom-fermented and refreshing. It blends Clausthaler’s trademark hoppy lager taste with a...

St Peter’s Without Elderberry & Raspberry

500ml bottle / Alcohol-Free (<0.05% ABV)

£11.89£46.99 An alcohol-free beer with the sweet, tangy, and pleasant fruitiness of elderberries, and the lingering taste of raspberries.A full-bodied and well balanced beer with a smooth, subtly sharp bitterness.

vandeStreek Fruit Machine

330ml bottle / Alcohol-Free (<0.5% ABV)

£16.69£63.99 vandeStreek’s Fruit Machine is brewed from Amarillo and Cascade hops, flavoured with raspberry and blueberry but with a fashionable 'sour' style.