Rice Pudding - or Apple Pie?

Rice Pudding - or Apple Pie? John Risby

Imagine if you'd never eaten a dessert before and you bought only one (say, a Rice Pudding). If you didn't like it, you wouldn't presume you didn't like desserts. That'd be crazy. You'd miss out on all the great puddings like Raspberry Cheesecake, Lemon Tart or Apple Pie! 
Sometimes people do that with alcohol-free wine. They try one and decide they "don't like alcohol-free wines". But that makes as much sense as deciding you don't like desserts because of one.
And imagine if you'd bought twelve Rice Puddings in one go... You'd now have eleven Rice Puddings... and really, one is bad enough... 
It's about finding the puddings, and the wines, that you like.
And, of course, some people love Rice Pudding.
All our wines are very different - as different as alcoholic wines are to each other, and in some ways more so because the producers use varying techniques to de-alcoholise their wines. Some people prefer the results of some methods, some prefer others. There's no way to find out until you try them.
This is why we prefer customers to try more than one type of wine rather than buying a full case of the same wine.
Some customers automatically buy a full case of the cheapest wine, others do the opposite and presume the most expensive must be the best and buy a full case of that. 
The best wine for you is the one you prefer the taste of and that is not necessarily the most expensive wine - and it's not necessarily the ones we recommend either.
So, please, resist the urge to buy a full case of the same wine. Instead, select a range of different wines or buy one of our pre-mixed cases.
Try as many or as few as you like (but please try more than one) and if you really decide you don't enjoy our wines, we'll collect them from you at our expense and refund you for the bottles you return in a saleable condition (ie, unopened and undamaged).
We really want you to find some great-tasting alcohol-free wines that you will enjoy and hope you will order a mixed case and give them a fair try.
Please view our drinks.