The types of alcohol we allow in our products

The types of alcohol we allow in our products Chris Humphreys


Our alcohol-free and de-alcoholised drinks will contain traces of ethanol.

Some of our drinks contain up to 0.5% of alcohol by volume. To put this into context, a normal glass of fresh orange juice can naturally contain up to 0.5% alcohol.

We sell only drinks containing up to 0.5% alcohol, we do not sell any products that fall into the 'low-alcohol' group containing up to 1.2% alcohol.

Each product page clearly states how much (if any) alcohol is present in the product.

Health and beauty producs

We have carefully selected a range of quality alcohol-free health and beauty products specially prepared to give exceptional benefits without the harmful elements of alcohol.

If you see an ingredient in our products listed as a "something alcohol" it will be an aromatic alcohol or fatty alcohol such as Cetyl Alcohol which is normally produced from a vegtable oil such as palm oil or coconut oil.

Some of our products will contain essential oils which are formulated in alcohol. The actual level of alcohol in such products will still be very low. Where we are aware a product contains alcohol-based essential oils, we will say so on the product description.

If you require a 100% alcohol-free range for religious reasons, we can recommend the Saaf range of cosmetics which are Halal. Other products, such as those made by Tom's Of Maine, are also 100% alcohol-free including using alcohol-free witch hazel and alcohol-free essential oils.


Vanilla essence, common in many confectionary products, is normally extracted using alcohol.

Not all vanilla contains alcohol, some is synthetic and alcohol-free.

Most of our chocolate products contain no alcohol. The vanilla in our own-brand luxury alcohol-free truffles is alcohol-free. Where we know a product does contain natural vanilla this is clearly stated in the product description.