What Is Meant By Alcohol-Free?

What Is Meant By Alcohol-Free? Chris Humphreys

What is meant by alcohol-free? This depends on the type of product in question but, generally, we mean a product contains no, or only small traces of, ethanol-based alcohols.

The terms used to describe drinks in which the alcohol has been extracted are controlled by government regulations.

In the UK these types of drinks are split into the following categories:

Alcohol-free: Contains 0.05% alcohol or less
De-alcoholised: Contains 0.5% alcohol or less
Low-alcohol: contains more than 0.5% but no more than 1.2%

And, of course, we have non-alcoholic drinks, ie drinks that contain no alcohol at all (0%).

In most of Europe the situation is less complicated. Drinks containing up to 0.5 per cent alcohol are classed simply as alcohol-free and they do not use the ugly word de-alcoholised.

Some of our drinks contain up to 0.5% of alcohol by volume. To put this into context, a normal glass of fresh orange juice can naturally contain up to 0.5% alcohol. Malt vinegar you put on your chips is about 0.2% alcohol.

Each product page clearly states how much (if any) alcohol is present in the product.

We sell only drinks containing up to 0.5% alcohol, we do not sell any products that fall into the 'low-alcohol' group containing up to 1.2% alcohol.